Toby Bowyer Reunion 2016

Middle Distance Coach

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E.A. (Toby) Bowyer

Competitor, representative, coach, official, selector, administrator, all of these postitions are in a pattern of Toby Bowyer's service to athletics.

He first became interested in the sport as a junior while resident in the Waikato, competing his first for the fun of taking part. Following that he began to take his role in athletics more seriously and was selected to represent Waikato in the annual fixture against Auckland. 

A move to Whanagnui in 1957 for a few months bought him in to contact with the Whanganui Club but he was soon off to Wellington and there joined the Kiwi Club while still retaining associate membership with Whanganui. Back in Whanganui in 1958, Toby competed to 1963, during which time he won centre title at 440 and 880 yards, represented the centre at at the national championships and represented New Zealand Services.

1978 he was the President of the Whanganui Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club. Centre vice-president 1977, 1978, he was elected centre president in 1980, 1981, 1982. Toby was on the panel of centre selectors in 1965, 1967 and was a successful coach of a number of athletes who New Zealand titles and set West Coast (N.I) centre and national records.

Toby Bowyer

Tobys' Group

Back row: Brian Fifield, David Bullock, Hugh DeLacy, Lew Boosey, Tony Lynch,
Middle row: Stan Dawson, Ashley Benfield, Martin Berryman, Kevin Ross,Derek Shortt, E.A. (Toby) Bowyer.
Front Row: Eric Kemp, Shirley McDougall, Janice Kemp, D.Delacy Chris Dawes




Athlete's Coached

  • Bruce Anderson
  • Beth Andrews
  • Derek Armitage
  • John Barrier
  • Ashley Benefield
  • Martin Berryman
  • Gordon Blacklaws
  • Lewis Boosey
  • Wayne Boyd
  • Steve Brown
  • David Bullock
  • Michael Campion
  • Kevin Carr
  • Phillip Carr
  • Alex Cave
  • Don Cornes
  • Dean Crowe
  • Chris Dawes - Deceased
  • Stan Dawson
  • Hugh De Lacy
  • Elizabeth Filer  - nee Lockett
  • Brian Fifield
  • Murray Gilbertson
  • Geoff Hopper
  • Peter Hopper
  • Graham Jeffieries
  • Eric Kemp
  • Kelvin Leatham
  • Graham Lockett
  • Tony Lynch - Deceased
  • Shirley Deerness - nee McDougall
  • John McDowell
  • Gary McNeil
  • Janice O'Brien - nee Kemp
  • Richard Owen
  • Alan Ross
  • Kevin Ross
  • Arma Sangoo
  • Stan Shaw
  • Bev Shingles
  • Derek Shortt
  • Les Smith\
  • Bruce Spurdle
  • Alan Simpson
  • Tony Smeaton
  • Lesley Stead - nee Lockett
  • Rod Sutherland
  • Debbie Taunton
  • Colin Webby